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Newsletter Archive


June 2023

Reflecting on EPIC

Visit the June 2023 Newsletter.

May 2023 

Generative AI

Visit the May 2023 Newsletter.

April 2023

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Visit the April 2023 Newsletter.

March 2023

Creativity in the Classroom

Visit the March 2023 Newsletter.

February 2023

On the Joy of Teaching

Visit the February 2023 Newsletter.

January 2023

Introducing the EPIC Resources and EPIC Showcase Websites

Visit the January 2023 Newsletter.

December 2022

Reflecting on Teaching

Visit the December 2022 Newsletter.

November 2022

Active Learning

Visit the November 2022 Newsletter.

October 2022

Recap of the EPIC Summer Institute

Visit the October 2022 Newsletter.

June 2022


Visit the June 2022 Newsletter.

May 2022

Accessibility & EPIC-Lang Conference

Visit the May 2022 Newsletter.

April 2022

Language Instruction

Visit the April 2022 Newsletter.

March 2022

End-of-Quarter Matters

Visit the March 2022 Newsletter.

February 2022

Midterm Feedback

Visit the February 2022 Newsletter.

Quick Information Guide

Return To In-Person Teaching Winter 2022

Visit the Winter 2022 Information Guide.

January 2022

Extended Remote Instruction

Visit the January 2022 Newsletter.

December 2021

Student Feedback, Bruin Learn, Tools

Visit the December 2021 Newsletter.

November 2021

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Visit the November 2021 Newsletter.

October 2021

Welcome back to campus!

Visit the October 2021 Newsletter.

June 2021

Focusing on wellness

Visit the June 2021 Newsletter.

May 2021

Remembering Jan Reiff, considering accessibility

Visit the May 2021 Newsletter.

April 2021

New EPIC-Lang Initiative and Rethinking Participation Grades

Visit the April 2021 Newsletter.

March 2021

Supporting the Asian and AAPI community, teaching multilingual learners, thinking about nonverbal feedback, and more

Visit the March 2021 Newsletter.

February 2021

Pedagogical breakthroughs, Things to carry with us from remote teaching back to in-person instruction, and more

Visit the February 2021 Newsletter.

January 2021

Spotlight on the CUTF Program, Call for Graduate Student Experiences with Student Engagement, Contribute to our Newsletter, and More!

Visit the January 2021 Newsletter.

December 2020

Holiday card, Asynchronous TILT Workshop, and Resting over Winter Break

Visit the December 2020 Newsletter.

November 2020

Hot moments in the classroom

Visit the November 2020 Newsletter.

Special Edition: Post-Election Resources & Events

Post-election spaces for reflection, discussion; resources

Visit the Special Edition Newsletter.

October 2020

Student engagement in the era of remote teaching

Visit the October 2020 Newsletter.

June 2020

Self care with UCLA; TA perspectives on remote teaching; remote language instruction; and resources for anti-racist pedagogy.

Visit the June 2020 Newsletter.

April 2020

Resources for remote learning and teaching; inclusive strategies for online learning; and more.

Visit the April 2020 Newsletter.

February 2020

An interview with Kie Zuraw and Adam Royer on skills grading; assessment strategies; Mary Flanagan and critical play; Ready, Set, Teach! photo gallery; and more.

Visit the February 2020 Newsletter.

January 2020

On first-generation college students; supporting first-gen students at UCLA; accessible higher education; and innovative note taking methods.

Visit the January 2020 Newsletter.

November 2019

On community-engaged learning; interviews with Shalom Staub and Elizabeth Goodhue; EPIC’s Teaching Innovation Grant recipients; and more.

Visit the November 2019 Newsletter.

October 2019

Ready, Set, Teach! and Humanities Welcome Day; linked-course learning communities and AAP’s Freshman/Transfer Summer Program; assigning team projects; and more.

Visit the October 2019 Newsletter.

June 2019

UCLA’s 1st Gen Conference, “Everyday Superheroes”; an undergraduate perspective on the 1st gen conference; EPIC’s Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Recipients; and rethinking learning outcomes.

Visit the June 2019 Newsletter.

May 2019

An interview with Whitney Arnold; highlights from Ready, Set, Teach!; EPIC TILT and UDL online pedagogical workshops; and more.

Visit the May 2019 Newsletter.

March 2019

An interview with Kathy Komar; Universal Design for Learning (UDL); and resources on graduate mentorship and support.

Visit the March 2019 Newsletter.

February 2019

Inclusive Gatherings, an EPIC Teaching Innovations Grant Project; Transparency in Learning and Teaching (TILT); and more.

Visit the February 2019 Newsletter.

January 2019

On the winter quarter Ready, Set, Teach!; faculty spotlight on Helen Deutsch; increasing inclusiveness with technology; staff spotlight on Travis Lee; physical accessiblity in the classroom; and more.

View the January 2019 Newsletter.

December 2018

Undergraduate perspectives on the humanities; intersectional pedagogy; learning environments; an interview with Chris Mott; and more.

View the December 2018 Newsletter.

November 2018

Our inaugural issue. Lessons Learned at Ready, Set, Teach!; This Month in Innovation, Github; TAC Spotlight, An Interview with Joseph Tumolo; Teaching and Learning Resources Round Up; and more.

View the November 2018 Newsletter.