Reflecting on Teaching

Tools for Self-Reflection

Instructors can take opportunities to self-reflect throughout the course (before or after a new term, during the middle of a quarter) but using a structured self-assessment tool can help you meet your teaching and learning goals.

*EPIC Resource: Mid-Quarter Feedback
*EPIC Resource: Mid-Quarter Reflection
Sample Self-Assessment Tools ( University of Pittsburgh)

Feedback from Colleagues – Peer Mentoring

We suggest using evidence-based practices when giving and receiving feedback from a colleague or peer, such as this Peer Observation Guide from the University of Oregon’s Teaching Engagement Program.

We also encourage you to participate in PAROSL (Peer-Assisted Reflections on Student Learning), an EPIC initiative that supports faculty interested in incorporating more student-centered practices into their teaching and building their professional teaching portfolios.

Faculty pairs meet several times over the course of a quarter to observe each other’s lessons, discuss student learning, and develop an instructor-selected pedagogical innovation that is tailored to the course and the instructor’s goals. Each pair is supported by a dedicated PAROSL facilitator who trains participants, attends meetings, and answers any questions participants have during the process.

Learn more about PAROSL and read testimonials from past participants.

Read peer-reviewed articles

“Faculty Supporting Faculty… Supporting Students: Peer Observation and Responsive Teaching Innovations”

“From Content-Centered Logic to Student-Centered Logic: Can Peer Observation Shift How Faculty Think about Their Teaching?”

“Going Small, Going Carefully, with a Friend: Helping Faculty Adopt Lesson-Level Constructive Alignment through Non-Evaluative Peer Observation”

Supporting Graduate Student Instructors

Designing and teaching a course with a TA or post-doc, using a structured plan, allows instructors to clearly define tasks while giving TA’s an opportunity to receive feedback based on instructor observation.

This Instructor Plan for TA form from our partners at The Center for Education Innovation and Learning in the Sciences (CEILS) can help instructors develop a plan throughout the quarter. Click on the image to the left to view the full document.






Multimodal Resources