In the Classroom

Setting the Tone

From planning your first day of class to crafting community agreements, these resources focus on techniques to help you create and sustain an inclusive community of engaged learners.




First Day of Class (Vanderbilt University)

Icebreaker Activities (University of Wisconsin)

Crafting Community Agreements (Barnard University)

Sample Guidelines for Classroom Discussion Agreements (Brown University)

Multimodal Resources

*EPIC Workshop Video: Creating Accessible Bruin Learn Sites

  • Learn about how to check for and add accessible course materials to your Bruin Learn site throughout the term. The link takes you directly to the relevant content.


Hot Topics

Navigating difficult conversations or heated moments in the classroom can be challenging. Here are some resources that offer support and strategies to help you reflect on, respond to, and support students during fraught moments in the classroom.



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Difficult Dialogues (Vanderbilt University)

Managing Hot Moments in the Classroom (Harvard University)

Multimodal Resources

*EPIC Workshop Video: EPIC Inclusive Gatherings Workshop: Hot Moments in the Classroom introduces Intergroup Dialogue techniques for handling hot classroom moments.

Podcast: The Cult of Pedagogy: Are Your Diversity Strategies Missing the Mark? Nine Ways to Get it Right


Mid-quarter Feedback

Check-in on student progress and learning at the mid-quarter point using these templates as examples. Feel free to edit and adapt them to your needs by saving the templates onto your own Google drive.




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Student Mid-Quarter Reflection Form: focused on getting students to reflect their own learning process

Mid-Quarter Feedback Form: focused on assessing student understanding of learning outcomes


Active Learning

Active learning strategies promote increased student participation and greater awareness of the learning process compared to traditional teaching methodologies which rely on the students’ passive absorption of course materials. A student-centered approach, active learning engages students in problem-solving, collaborative, and cooperative tasks in order to practice and demonstrate complex thinking skills like analysis and evaluation. These resources provide a quick overview of active learning and how it promotes inclusive teaching, as well as examples of strategies and activities to try in your own classroom.


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Active Learning (University of Connecticut): brief overview of active learning

Inclusive Teaching Through Active Learning (Brown University)

Active Learning for Equity and Inclusion (Bates College)


Examples of active learning strategies

Pedagogy in Action database of active learning strategies by discipline

Multimodal Resources

*EPIC Workshop Video: Using Video to Enhance Classroom Learning

    • Learn about using videos to engage students in the classroom and see how UCLA instructors have used this medium in their own teaching. The link takes you directly to the relevant content.

How to Use Podcasts in Teaching

    • Listen and see resources for incorporating audio media (podcasts) in teaching.