Maja Manojlovic

A photo of Maja Manojlovic

Lecturer, Writing Programs, UCLA

Dr. Maja Manojlovic is a Lecturer at the UCLA Writing Programs and serves as a Faculty Advisor for Teaching Preparation Seminar – Writing in the Disciplines (ENGCOMP 495E) and Supervised Teaching of Writing in the Disciplines (ENGCOMP 495F). She holds a PhD in Cinema and Media Studies from the UCLA Department of Film, TV, and Digital Media specializing in emerging digital media aesthetics and cultures. Her composition courses therefore emphasize digital media literacy and explore both semiotics and identity in film, advertising, social media, and gaming. Following her interests in exploring the intersections of Environmental and Digital Humanities, she is developing courses on Trends in Multimedia Environments, such as “Interactive Environmental Storytelling” and “Videogame Rhetoric and Design.” Dr. Manojlovic is currently revising her book Interval/Interstice: The Aesthetics of Digital Cinema for publication while her research and practice focus on immersive media (VR/AR/MR) and their effects on our embodied experience of spatiality and temporality.