EPIC Course Development STEs Application AY 2022-2023: Faculty

Application Requirements: Faculty

  • Application form
  • Cover letter addressing the following: 
      1. Research and/or teaching experience within the field of the chosen STE
      2. Description of the course you would like to develop and how it would contribute to your department’s curriculum
  • Current CV
  • For full-time non-Senate faculty and Senate faculty: Course release approval form signed by department chair (Click here to download the form)
      1. This form must be signed and dated by the department chair in order to receive one course released to be used by Winter Quarter 2023.
      2. To be considered for this benefit, faculty applicants must submit this form, along with all required documents, by the deadline.
      3. Please note: this additional course release benefit is optional. Faculty members are not required to avail of the course release in order to participate in a Course Development STE.

This application is now closed.